Just after the announcement of this year’s Oscars, I had an argument with a friend over which was a better movie Avatar or The Hurt Locker(watch it if you haven’t!!).  At  some point, my friend puts forth, “Actually, it is surprising that a person like you who is so interested in biology(I left bio in 10th grade :P) didn’t get impressed by Avatar’s imaginative flora and fauna. “. I was not impressed;  we tend to ignore things which are grander,more spectacular and beautiful in real life than reel life. My stand was strengthened by the spectacle I saw last Saturday(15.05.2010) – migration of butterflies( tigers, crows and the egg-flies). Here I present to you my attempt at capturing this mind blowing event.

With Galibore being the first trip out of my canon 50mm lens, I ended up capturing more of birders in various moods than birds.

Shreeram trying to click a Crimson Tip

Mamta engrossed with Tigers and Eggflies


8 thoughts on “Galibore

  1. Wow, that’s lovely…I wish I’d been there too!

    But…I DID like the imaginative flora and fauna of Avatar…it was nice to see the roots of their imagination!

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